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June 18-20, 2019 | Miami Beach Convention Center | Miami, FL

Education Program

18 Jun 2019

Networking Lunch & Merchandising Awards of Excellence Ceremony

Kick Education Day off by connecting and reconnecting with your peers and fuel your energy with a complimentary lunch. Merchandising Awards of Excellence will host their ceremony during lunch and...

How Do THEY Do It?- Industry Stats and Insights from Around the Globe

We hear the question all the time. How do THEY do it over there? Well, NOW you'll find out from the top insiders in the global floriculture industry: United States,...
Colum Donnelly
Heidi Wernett
Jim Daly
Joaquin de la Torre
Neil Hellings

Visual Merchandising: How Color Ignites Design

Design and color go hand in hand. When designing a living space, an office, a wedding, a shop, or individual bouquets and arrangements.... color plays a huge role. This session...

Using Technology to Increase User Experience

How can you communicate important information with a large group of stores and ensure they are trained in up-to-date standards? Employee training is one area that stands to benefit greatly...
Ryan O’Neil

From Fax to Facebook; Multi Generations in the Workplace

In today’s workplace, multiple generations are working together to create a successful business. With that, leaders are challenged with generational differences in work ethics. This session will uncover what generational...
Glenna Hecht

Grow, Market, SELL… your way into a profitable 2019!

The ability to breed flowers requires persistence and patience. The ability to market flowers requires time and knowledge. The ability to sell flowers requires dedication and resilience. The ability to...
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