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Education Day Schedule

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16 Sep 2021

Organization Savvy: The Art of Positive Politics

Confused and overwhelmed by the changing office landscape? IFE and our favorite educator to the rescue! Join your floral friends in a fun and safe environment to gain the tools...
Glenna Hecht

Sales Growth: Capitalizing on the Post-COVID Plant and Gardening Phenomenon

From consumer behavior to the supply chain, every aspect of the floriculture industry is undergoing massive transformation. This transformation was accelerated by COVID-19, creating a new urgency to embrace innovative...
Chris Sabbarese
Diane Blazek
Scott Rusch

Brand Marketing: Get Your Game Face On!

It's our goal to bring human connection and an experiential shopping atmosphere to each consumer that walks into our store. How do we re-build after this past year to drive...
Renato Sogueco, AAF, PFCI
Jackie Lacey

Financial Management: Taking the Guesswork Out of Budgeting and Financial Forecasting for 2022

Think forward into the future and join our panel of experts for a candid conversation about the financial and operational challenges we're facing and how to formulate educated financial forecasts...
Bradley Gaines
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