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How Will New Consumer Shopping Data Redefine Floral Industry Marketing?

With education being the backbone of the floral industry, the Floriology Institute is focused on helping everyone understand what it can maean for them to bring human connection and an experiential shopping atmosphere to everyone. What does doing so look like after more than a year of this connection and experience being so different? What will it mean to drive additional ROI and make it easy for customers to make purchases?

Jackie Lacy and Renato Sogueco took the stage at IFE 2021 to explore these details and more. They provided a fast-paced, immersive and interactive education session to provide attendees with the latest post-COVID consumer shopping data that will move the entire industry forward. The session was titled “Get Your Game Face On,” and as you can see by the costume, Jackie Lacy dressed for the part as the “Brand Bandit.”

Watch the video below to get a sense of the insights they shared as well as the best way to continue the conversation with them.

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