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June 14-16 2021 | Miami Beach, FL

Key Buyer Qualifications

Are you a Key Buyer? 

Please review the key buyer qualifications below. The Key Buyer program is a custom designed experience for high volume buyers. If you meet the qualifications, click here to learn more about the IFE Floral Connect Key Buyer Experience or use the button below to register for your complimentary Key Buyer Pass.  

Register as a Key Buyer

Key Buyer Qualifications 

  • You must be part of a buying team for a:
    • Grocery Store/ Supermarket
    • Home/ Garden Center
    • Online Retailer/Mail Order Catalogue
    • Grocery Wholesaler
  • You must purchase more that $5,000,000 of floral products annually
  • You must be in a position where you influence the decision making process when it comes to floral purchasing 

If you do not meet the requirements for our Key Buyer Program please click here, you will be brought to an info page for non-key buyer attendees and will be able to register for a complimentary pass to IFE Floral Connect. 

Have Questions? 

Our team is standing by to help make sure your experience is seamless! Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions about qualifications, registration, event information, or anything else you need help with. 

The Key Buyer Team

Lauren Streeter
Key Buyer Manager

Autumn Dubel
Marketing Administrator

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