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June 18-20, 2019 | Miami Beach Convention Center | Miami, FL

Keynote Lunch

Keynote: Ken Schmidt

Make Some Noise: Open the Throttle and Dominate Your Marketplace

The road to creating a passionately vocal, fanatically loyal customer base starts here. Ken Schmidt will tell a fascinating story of how businesses of any size and scope can position themselves to ignite customer demand, maximize sales growth, and dominate their marketplace, even in the most commoditized environments. His signature ingredients: Harnessing basic drivers of human behavior for competitive advantage and bulletproof reputation building. Schmidt leaves audiences knowing their businesses can’t become dominant until they can answer three vital questions: What do your customers – and other important publics – say about you? What do you want them to say? And, What are you doing to make them say it? 

About Ken Schmidt:
Former Director of Communications Strategy for Harley-Davidson Motor Company

Ken Schmidt has been associated with Harley-Davidson since 1985 and his success in helping rebuild the company’s bran played a vital role in the motorcycle legend’s turnaround from the brink of ruin to global dominance. Today he’s known as one of the business world’s most outspoken and provocative thought leaders.

In his role as Harley’s Director of Communication, Schmidt shaped the company’s competitive positioning and served as its primary spokesperson to the media and financial communities. Now semi-retired, he provides brand-building competitive dominance expertise to many of the world’s best-known businesses.

He co-write a book, 100 Years of Harley-Davidson, which is the best-selling motor sports book of all time and will release a new book Make some Noise, the Non-Traditional; Road to Dominance, this fall. He has appeared on network television numerous times, and has spoken to more than one thousand audiences around the world.





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