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Jenna Sleeman, AIFD, CFD, CWEP

Lead Designer for Infinite Gift, Infinite Gift

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Jenna Sleeman, AIFD, CFD, CWEP
Lead Designer for Infinite Gift

Jenna Sleeman, AIFD, CFD, CWEP is going to Brugge at the end of September to complete her European Masters Certification. She is a graduate of Emory University’s School of Business and has won numerous awards for her floral designs. Jenna is an Artistic Director & has been creating a sensation with her floral installations since she began her floral career in 2008. She is on the Florida State Floral Association Board of Directors and was Florida’s Designer of the Year.

Jenna helps set trends and is a public speaker and teacher in floral design. Using the elements & principles of design from both her AIFD, CWEP & European Floral Design training, her creations are internationally recognized for being dramatic, bold, unforgettable statements that are always an integral part of the setting. She put lots of love and careful attention into each design and hopes you enjoy her work as much as she enjoys designing it for her clients and social media friends and fans.



We asked Jenna to get creative with 6 words: Why do you love flowers/the floral industry/or why you want to compete in the Iron Designer Competition?

“I love putting the Petal to the “Medal”!”

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