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Lea Romanowski, AIFD, CAFA, CFD, CAFD, CFEJ

Principle Designer/Owner, Designing on the Edge

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Lea Romanowski, AIFD, CAFA, CFD, CAFD, CFEJ 
Principle Designer/Owner, Designing on the Edge

Lea Romanowski fell into this career by accident, and oh what a happy accident it has been! Lea was diverted from the paths of Architect or Paramedic to the beautiful world of flowers and has never looked back while fully embracing every opportunity large and small. Today, her designs have been featured in local, national and international magazines and books.

Some highlights: The hook – Won her first Competition 6 months in; 1988 Olympics – Assistant to the Floral Coordinator,  Won a Juno  Awards contract(Canada 2016) & worked on 3 more,  Rose Bowl Parade and Fleuramour designer, Volunteer at World Cup in Philadelphia

She has competed in 100+ local, national and international competitions. To challenge herself: Owner of Designing on the Edge 2000 – Present 18 yrs – Instructor – Floral Design Certificate Program at Mount Royal University Show Designer – Workshops – Industry Education week(s)- Mentor/Teacher Accreditations AIFD – American Institute of Floral Designers 2003 CFD – Certified Floral Designer 2010 CAFA – Canadian Academy of Floral Art 2004 CAFD – Canadian Accredited Floral Designer 2001 CFEJ – Certified Floral Evaluator and Judge 2019.

Lea is the current President of the Canadian Academy of Floral Art Brought to Ecuador by Florsani to visit the farm and design. Most importantly, she has had the honor and pleasure of speaking for others through her floral art. She loves what she does and is thankful everyday that her path was diverted here. Lea looks forward to the next door of opportunity to walk through.



We asked Lea to get creative with 6 words: Why do you love flowers/the floral industry/or why you want to compete in the Iron Designer Competition?

“Challenge accepted. Improv theater. Edutainment. FUN ”

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