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Mark Frank

Owner, Mark Frank Styling

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Mark Frank
Owner, Mark Frank Styling

Mark Frank is a multi-talented floral designer, and the owner of ‘Mark frank Styling’, an International Floral Consultancy & Design Company based in the city of Hilversum in the Netherlands. For the past 20 plus years, Mark Frank has been involved in national and international floral projects all over the world .

Mark started his floral design ambitions by completing seven years of floral design studies in the world center of the floral industry; Aalsmeer, the Netherlands. After graduation Mark moved to Toronto, Canada to experienced state-site floral styling and design at leading retail and floral event  companies.

Concluding his Canadian adventure, Mark decided to return to the Netherlands to start a company of his own, ‘Mark Frank Styling’, and to enroll at the prestigious Artemis Academy for styling & Design in Amsterdam. In search of a broader perspective of design, he complete the two year interior & concept styling program and developed his signature ‘Out of the box’ approach we see in his design work today.

While Mark Frank is a sought-after corporate consultant, specialized in floral marketing and product development, his passion is still in hands-on floral design & styling of events & exhibitions and in personally teaching students how to optimize their floral creations by sharing his design concepts.

In his most recent project is collaborating with Dutch floral promotion Company ‘Flower Circus’ In this role he travels to wholesale companies around the world, to teach local florists in an exciting, fun & entertaining (flower) circus atmosphere, about flowers & floral trends, while showcasing elaborate floral design ideas with the most beautifull quality flowers.

The view from Marks’ office window changes constantly as he recently travelled to represent his clients at events and shows in Moskow, Chicago, Kiev Ukraine, Kenia, New Orleans, Bogota, Switzerland, Slovenia, Italy, Quito Ecuador, United Arab Emirates, and mainland China to name a few.

You might have noticed his work in publications involving the Dutch Royal Family, Floriade World Floral Exhibition, Cirque du Soleil, Sesame street, Holland Flower Promotion, Phillips Electronics, World Floral expo-Miami, Chinese Horticulture Exhibition in Qingdao or his involvement at floral parades in the Netherlands, Belgium, St Petersburg or Holland, Michigan.

Beautifull flowers and beautifull people enrich your life and make you happy!’ Mark has a positive open minded outlook on life, he enjoys the people and projects along his path while always looking for a new way to think and work ‘out(side) of the box’ and exhibit the full potential and beauty of the flowers and nature that surrounds him.

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