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OLMS Bamboo Floral Sticks by OLMS Bamboo Floral, LLC

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OLMS Bamboo Floral Sticks


OLMS Bamboo Floral, LLC

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Finally, an eco-friendlier bamboo alternative to the single-use plastic pitchfork!!

OLMS Bamboo Floral Sticks are your bamboo alternative for holding notecards and delivery cards in arrangements and bouquets. They are now sold to florists all over the United States (and overseas), and have met with overwhelming approval and appreciation (both from the florists, as well as their customers)

OLMS Bamboo Floral Sticks are thoughtfully designed from bamboo, are 16″ long, with two notches near the bottom that allow you to shorten as necessary. The cut at the tulip-shaped top is where you slide your notecard or delivery card, and where they are held firmly in place.

Say no to single-use plastic cardettes!!! Go OLMS, go green – your customers will love you for it.

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