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“You did WHAT in your department?” – Questions, answers and connections with your floral buyer colleagues

May 31 2023

3:45 PM - 4:30 PM EDT

Room 208

No matter the size or scope of their responsibilities, floral buyers are tasked with unique challenges that need to be sorted out in a way that is distinct from any other department or industry. What does it mean to effectively incorporate this year’s trends into your department? How have floral buyers gotten consumers to newly pay attention to what they’ve brought into their department or store? Where can you turn to in order to best sort out intangible challenges related to sustainability as well as objective issues with supply chain logistics?  


These are just some of the questions that will be explored by the panel in this session, which will feature Floriexpo Advisory Board members. While they will share insights that are specific to their stores, this session is designed to be interactive so that you can newly connect with colleagues and explore the challenges and solutions that define how you move forward for the rest of 2023. Audience participation will be highly encouraged to foster connections that extend far beyond this session.  


Stay tuned for info about confirmed panelists! 



- Floral Merchandising Manager

Shaws / Star Market

- Floral Sales Manager

Schnuck Markets

- Floral Director

Grand Central Floral

- Founder & CEO

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