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June 9-11, 2020 | Miami Beach Convention Center | Miami, FL

Jim Daly

Jim Daly

Vice President - Global Floralife & Grower Operations and Corporate Research - Smithers-Oasis


Jim leads Floralife and Grower divisions for Smithers-Oasis along with companywide research. A recognized leader in the research and development of post harvest care and handling products, Jim Daly has been in the floral industry for more than thirty years. During that time, he has worked on every continent except Antarctica, spending time in over thirty-three countries in the world, working with the flower and plant markets. His contributions have included work on improved manufacturing procedures for care and handling products, innovative approaches for crop treatments, and developing products for all stages of transport care, from grower to end consumer.
Jim has published many articles on trade within the floral industry. He co-authored the Flowers and Plant Care manual published by the Society of American Florists and wrote the Floralife® Care and Handling manual. He has conducted seminars on care and handling around the world, educating growers, transportation companies, and a wide range of retailers including wholesalers, supermarkets, big box chains and independent businesses. Jim has served on numerous committees for the Society of American Florists, including the Wholesale Council, and is the current chair elect for the American Floral Endowment.
Jim holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry & Mathematics from Elmhurst College, an MS in Biochemistry from Illinois Institute of Technology, and an MBA from the New York Institute of Technology. He is the Vice President of Global Floralife & Grower Operations and Corporate Research for Smithers-Oasis, a leading worldwide manufacturing, sales and marketing company of floral, post harvest and grower products in the floriculture industry.
A native of Illinois, Jim currently resides in the South, splitting his time between Walterboro, South Carolina and Kent OH.

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