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4 Questions About Floral: Bright colors define a return to normal

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Jovindo Home is a leading dry-aged and artificial flower company, utilizing a unique drying age process that provides the best possible preservation of the natural colors and quality for dried flowers. By providing excellent customer service and bringing value-added products to their customers, the company is able to create a large variety of decorations that meets countless types of needs associated with handcrafted flowers.

John DiPalermo is the National Retail Sales Manager at Jovindo Home, selling to national retail chains. His career has encompassed over 25 plus years of sales and marketing experience in retail sales, providing him with insights around the trends and happenings that define the market needs of today. We caught up with him to explore what he’s seeing with those trends this year, how he’s helping customers to uniquely solve recent challenges and much more.

Floriexpo: What are some of the top color or design trends that have resonated with you this year?

John DiPalermo: In our professional opinion, the trending colors today are Reds, Greens, and Grays.  More of the natural colors, materials, and shapes were favored during the lockdown from the Pandemic up until now. The Pandemic caused much anxiety amongst the masses therefore to soothe and calm the senses the emergence of new bright colors emerged and encourages brave new creations with imaginative expressions.

How do you think those trends will further evolve or impact what we might see next year?

According to Google’s Year in Search, the word “HEALING” became the most frequently searched word in 2022, indicating people’s desire to return to the ordinary way of living their daily lives. It seems easy to understand that the bright colors with full marks of “healing” will become more popular in 2023.

Are there any recent challenges that you’ve helped your customers sort through in a way that is especially notable?

In 2022, the popularity of dried-aged flowers slowed down. According to the success of past styles and colors, we have continuously developed several series of simulated flower products to replace dried-aged flowers which have brought a wholesome transition for our customers. From the perspective of higher sales volume, it also reflects the correctness of our change.

What’s one thing you’re excited to showcase or discuss with attendees at Floriexpo this year?

Even though Dry-aged Flowers has been downwardly trending by far we are excited to still promote our newer assortment(s). Since dried flowers are not as popular as the prior year, we suspect that consumers are still seeking Dry-aged Flowers with new color concepts to add style and elegance with artificial flowers to complement one’s home environment.

You can learn more about Jovindo Home on their website or directly connect with their team at this year’s Floriexpo event, taking place May 31st-June 2nd in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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