June 5-7, 2024 • Broward County Convention Center • Fort Lauderdale, FL

Floral Bootcamp

— North America's Largest B2B Floral Show —

Introducing Floral Bootcamp!

Refresh your knowledge, connect with your peers, strengthen your floral muscle!

Dive into a full day of interactive sessions led by industry experts designed to pack an educational punch with quick-hit micro sessions that will keep attendees engaged and excited! Explore design, gain inspiration, master marketing and sales, and enhance team building skills. 

Each micro session will immediately be followed by a round table discussion where attendees will collaborate with likeminded individuals while tapping into their creativity in a dynamic and condensed format. This is where the magic happens!

Everyone will receive a certification of attendance at the end of this immersive, expert-led day.

*Floral Bootcamp is an upgrade for exhibitors and attendees. Schedule subject to change.

Floral Bootcamp Schedule

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Kickstart your day with a burst of energy, where you can fuel up for the exciting day ahead.

Floriexpo’s Event Director, Lauren Streeter, will welcome everyone to Floral Bootcamp and set the tone for the day!

   Lauren StreeterEvent Director, Diversified Communications, Floriexpo

Kick the day off with a floral designer demonstration where attendees hear how this year’s trends are being used, what is inspiring 2024 designs and where to begin when you set out on a new design. An educational, visually appealing session awaits!

ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION Qs: Who is involved in the design process – this can be anything from floral design to display design. Where do you begin when designing? What products or tools can you not design without? What would help you design better or more efficiently?


Derek Woodruff, Director/Stylist, Floral Underground

Inspiration can strike from anywhere and admittedly, it seems like new “trends” are popping up daily – per TikTok. It can feel overwhelming to break through the noise and “be on trend” but once you figure out the trend(s) that align with your brand and customer, that’s where the magic can happen. Join us for tips on trend spotting and ensuring your purchases are the ones that your consumers want.


Where do you look for inspiration? How do you decipher which trends will resonate with your brand and customer and which ones, you can leave behind? What is a trend that you love right now? Is there a trend you see coming?


  Beth O’Reilly, AIFD, TMF, Product & Business Development Manager, DUTCHESS BOUQUETS

An outstanding product may not reach it’s full potential without the right merchandising and marketing. When you walk into a store, displays are what catch your eye – pristine display organization and intriguing signage can draw a consumer’s attention and encourage them to not only pick up the product, but hopefully purchase. From being eye-catching to the right price point, every detail matters. You can’t afford to miss this one.

ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION Qs: What are your stores doing that you think stands out for merchandising/marketing? Or have you seen any displays or marketing that were “WOW” factors to you? Have you had an instance where a product wasn’t selling but after reworking the merchandising and/or marketing, it took off?


Emma Coupe, Horticulture Trading Manager, Marks & Spencer

Join us for a case study with That Flower Feeling, as they share how they developed and executed a very successful national floral marketing campaign.

Where do you begin when building a strategic marketing campaign? How do you get people to buy into your campaign for support? Have you been a part of a successful campaign?  How can we utilize the That Flower Feeling national campaign at a regional or local level? 

Vanessa Leite, Community Engagement & Development Specialist, That Flower Feeling
   Steve Dionne, Executive Director, That Flower Feeling

EDUCATION: Social media can be a great tool to promote your business if you take the time to learn the ins and outs. There are endless opportunites for its useage from the most basic approach to expert level execution – there is truly something useful for everyone. Corporate companies will have more rules and regulations around what is posted and how it is posted, but it pays off working through the processes with marketing departments. Whereas smaller mom and pop companies will have more leeway with posts but might need directions on how to be successful with that form of digital marketing. Attendees will hear tips & tricks suitable for anyone at any level including various design and scheduling tools as well as strategy.

Round Table Discussion: What are some tools that you or your marketing teams have found useful? Have you or your team worked with a large corporation where you had to work through their processes to get your assets posted and if so, what did that look like?


Yvonne AshtonMarketing Director, MAYESH
Lauren StreeterEvent Director, Diversified Communications/Floriexpo


In this session we’ll look at how stores have integrated with Ecommerce, with a particular emphasis on the onboarding process, marketing strategies, and development techniques. This session will draw insightful parallels from the experiences of businesses navigating the challenges and opportunities in the ever-evolving online marketplace. We’ll examine real-world cases to learn from those who successfully ventured into online platforms and found success in the digital marketplace. Additionally, we’ll shift our focus to examine the lessons learned by traditional stores branching out into e-commerce, including problem-solving approaches and effective marketing and management strategies tailored for the digital sphere.


  • What key factors do you believe contribute to successful onboarding processes when transitioning to e-commerce, and how have you implemented them in your business?
  • How do you maintain brand identity and customer loyalty in the digital sphere, especially when competing with larger e-commerce platforms?
  • How do you stay agile and responsive to the constantly evolving trends and technologies in e-commerce while maintaining a stable business foundation?


Liza Roeser – CEO & Founder, Fifty Flowers

Design is a globally shared activity, and whether we are conscious of it or not, design influences all aspects of community development, spanning manufacturing, architecture, integration, services, and more. While this collaborative aspect of design is universal, certain regions distinctly embrace design as a defining element of their cultural identity. Certain regions of the globe are built on the cultural necessity to merge aesthetics and logic, which leads to the creation of iconic designs. America has had a historical lag behind global trends, but the American consumers are catching up, which is why it is important to get design lessons from across the globe and to learn how we can incorporate those trends to the benefit of our consumers. Topics that we will be tackling in this session include:

  • Which of the new design trends are realistic to bring to the American consumer?
  • How has the American consumer evolved their appreciation and adoption of global design trends?
  • How can organizations foster cross-cultural learning in design practices?
  • What are practical steps businesses can take to incorporate global design trends into their products/services?
  • What are the emerging design trends globally, and how can they be anticipated and embraced in America?

Join the discussion as we aim to address the realistic incorporation of new design trends in the American consumer landscape and through these insightful conversations gain more knowledge of the evolving preferences and adoption patterns among consumers.

Mark Frank, Designer, Mark Frank Styling

Emma Coupe
Horticulture Trading Manager, Marks & Spencer
Corey HarbourDirector of Product Development & Business Growth, Natural Flowers

EDUCATION: The list of retail pain points can feel overwhelming and maybe even isolating trying to relate them to other professional’s job hurdles. Join this Bootcamp session to hear the day-to-day hurdles retailers face and the solutions they’ve found. Are there products you can bring in that require minimal merchandising therefore saving time and money?

  • How can retailers strike a balance between minimizing labor costs and ensuring adequate staffing levels to meet customer demand and maintain service quality?
  • How do retailers balance the need for cost-effective staffing solutions with the importance of providing fair wages and benefits to employees? What are some innovative approaches to addressing this dilemma while maintaining employee morale and productivity?
LISA LETCHFloral Sales Manager, Shaw’s / Star Market
NADIA PREGONI, Buyer Floral – Cut Flowers, Stop & Shop

Let’s wrap the day by opening up the floor to Q&A and open discussion. Whatever comes to mind based on previous Bootcamp Sessions or something entirely different, lets spark a conversation. Questions about everything from AI to which new zinnias to grow this year and what is keeping industry professionals awake at night – let’s talk about it!

Celebrate your achievements with a certificate ceremony, marking the successful completion of the day’s challenges and FLORAL BOOTCAMP!

Come celebrate the best time of day ✨Golden Hour✨ with us on Wednesday, June 5th at 5:30pm at the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina as we kick off Floriexpo 2024! Connect with friends news and old, enjoy a beverage & get ready for all that Floriexpo has to offer over the next couple days. Wear a pop of gold if you wish!

This year’s Opening Reception will take place in the Intercoastal Ballroom at the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina.

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