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June, 7-9 2022 | Miami Beach Convention Center   Learn More  

Show Hours & Schedule

Take a look at this year’s schedule below and check back for more details about this year’s education program, special events, and a few exciting surprises.


16 Sep 2021
17 Sep 2021
18 Sep 2021

Organization Savvy: The Art of Positive Politics

Confused and overwhelmed by the changing office landscape? IFE and our favorite educator to the rescue! Join your floral friends in a fun and safe environment to gain the tools...
Glenna Hecht

Sales Growth: Capitalizing on the Post-COVID Plant and Gardening Phenomenon

From consumer behavior to the supply chain, every aspect of the floriculture industry is undergoing massive transformation. This transformation was accelerated by COVID-19, creating a new urgency to embrace innovative...
Chris Sabbarese
Diane Blazek
Scott Rusch

Brand Marketing: Get Your Game Face On!

It's our goal to bring human connection and an experiential shopping atmosphere to each consumer that walks into our store. How do we re-build after this past year to drive...
Renato Sogueco, AAF, PFCI
Jackie Lacey

Financial Management: Taking the Guesswork Out of Budgeting and Financial Forecasting for 2022

Think forward into the future and join our panel of experts for a candid conversation about the financial and operational challenges we're facing and how to formulate educated financial forecasts...
Bradley Gaines

Flower Naming Ceremony

Flower naming events are a venerated tradition in Europe and the International Floriculture Expo feels privileged to bring this tradition stateside at the 11th Annual Flower Naming Ceremony! This ceremony...

Iron Designer Competition

Iron Designer is the biggest and most energetic event at IFE and this year it has just gotten better! The 2021 event will be enhanced by the merging of the...

Poolside Soirée

IFE this year is all about getting back together, celebrating the resilience of the industry, and having some fun! That is why we are closing out this year’s show in...
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