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Floriexpo Spotlight: Burq Showcases the Power of Aggregation to Provide On-Demand Floral Delivery

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Burq is a leading delivery management platform that helps florists across the U.S. deliver more with less. Delivery is crucial for any floral business, but it can be complicated to set up, costly to maintain, and inefficient to manage. That’s why Burq created a platform that provides a delivery experience that floral professionals can own in a much more powerful way.

At Floriexpo 2024, the Burq team highlighted how their customer communication, pool of delivery providers, and Burq-managed support and reconciliation provides floral companies with options that simplify what can otherwise be a cumbersome process – all while saving time and money.

“Our platform shows you the power of aggregation,” said Salman Habib, co-found of Burq. “For the most part, companies that want an item delivered need to either hire their own driver or outsource that to a delivery company. But what happens if your driver gets sick or your delivery company dramatically raises prices? Because Burq partners with multiple leading delivery providers, your options aren’t limited in any sense, allowing us to provide 99% plus reliability for your next delivery order.”

To learn more about Burq, visit their site.

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