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How to Watch TV Like the Floral Ninja You Are

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How ‘bout some REAL reality TV to inspire and chillax ….. all around a big bowl of popcorn?  With the plethora of streaming channels in addition to network TV, it’s hard to keep track of all of our floral faves.  But fret no more!

From cut-throat competition to inspiring tutorials, here’s a list of top TV shows for the Floral Ninja you are!  Ready for some screen time?  Grab the popcorn and get ready for a big dose of flower-fabulous TV!


Big Flower Fight

Pairing professionals with amateur talent, the “Big Flower Fight” contestants compete in a series of challenges to be named, “Best in Bloom”. The tasks aren’t small.  The floral artists create everything from large animals, event structures to fairy tale scenes- simply using plants and flowers.  But watch out!  The contestants don’t always play nice, and they’ll do almost anything to avoid being eliminated from the competition!

Where to find it: Netflix


Full Bloom

Based in Los Angeles, join ten talented and innovative design masterminds in a series of dramatic competition.  In each episode, the artists are put to the test in both team and individual challenges.  The discerning judges determine whose “stems will get cut” on the road to a $100,000 grand prize.

Where to find it: HBO Max


The Great Gardening Challenge                 

This show challenges eight pairs of professional garden designers to transform under-used, under-loved spaces on a budget into gardens that will enhance the lives of those around it in just 48 hours.  See first-hand the skill of the competitors, and also how a beautiful garden can touch and improve the lives of everyone from disability centers to the homes of war veterans.  At the end of each show, only one gardening team can be victorious, with the four winning pairs going through to the semi-finals.  The big prize?  An opportunity to create the ultimate show garden at the Royal Horticulture Society’s flagship site, Wisley Garden in Surrey.

Where to find it: YouTube


Big Dreams, Small Spaces

Binge watch this gardening show where landscape master Monty Don serves as the mentor to families as they transform their gardens bit by bit over a period of months.

Where to find it: Amazon Prime


Growing Floret

Follow Chip and Joanna Gaines as they video-document Erin Benzakein, the founder of Floret Flower Farm, on her year-long quest to build a sustainable organic flower farm in Washington state.  It’s about a flower farm and doing the right thing for the right reasons.                              

Where to find it: Discovery+ Magnolia Channel


Backyard Takeover

Meet landscape designer, Jamie Durie, as he treads his way through the most overgrown and neglected landscapes, while at the same time, helping deserving families build their own dream backyards….. in FOUR DAYS!

Where to find it: Discovery+


Martha Knows Best

Peek through the windows of Martha Stewart’s fabulous quarantine life on her beautiful farm as she spends time with her super-famous friends! It isn’t always about gardening, but there are plenty of tips and tricks for planting, harvesting and using things from the garden.

Where to find it: Discovery+


The Garden with Bryce Lane

In the Garden, a 30-minute weekly educational program hosted by North Carolina State University’s Bryce Lane, introduces viewers to the science behind gardening. The series is offered in 3 26-week seasons as a college course through the university’s continuing education program. Viewers will learn the fundamentals of horticulture — how plants grow, plant identification, home landscaping techniques and information and ideas they can use in and around their homes.

Where to find it: PBS


J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom

Reaching millions of households, who better than J Schwanke and PBS to encourage viewers to enjoy flowers everyday…. in many different ways.  Ranging from recipes, designs, product knowledge and the health benefits of flowers, this series offers a wealth of knowledge for you and all your flower friends!

Where to find it: PBS

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