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Top 5 Reasons to Attend Floriexpo

— North America's Largest B2B Floral Show —

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Floriexpo, North America’s largest B2B event exclusively for floral, will take place this year June 5th – 7th, the floral event of the year will unite floral category vendors with mass market floral buyers from supermarkets, chain stores, wholesale florist distributors, online retailers and more. Our team commits countless hours and resources to make this event unique each year, here are our top 5 reasons for why you should attend this year.

#1. Floral Bootcamp – A full day of expert-led, 30-minute micro sessions led by seasoned experts, exploring a wide spectrum of topics including design, trends, merchandising, marketing, and supply chain intricacies. Departing from traditional expos, our schedule caters to the fast-paced contemporary landscape with brief yet impactful bursts of information. Bid farewell to lengthy presentations as we delve into engaging sessions, followed by collaborative problem-solving in breakout discussions.

#2. Flori After Dark – Back by popular demand, get ready for a sunset cruise on the Catalina – a splendid 130-foot luxury charter yacht. An evening awaits, brimming with networking, cocktails, dancing, and delightful cuisine, all within the vibrant ambiance of a neon-themed celebration.

#3. The Empowerment Zone – Returning for its sophomore year with Floriexpo, the Empowerment Zone offers a platform for attendees and exhibitors to engage in sessions that foster career growth. We’ve curated four exclusive sessions designed to enhance both professional and personal development. These sessions will equip you with fresh tools for incorporating AI, fostering creative ideation, optimizing LinkedIn, and nurturing a forward-thinking mindset. Attendees are guaranteed to leave with valuable insights to elevate their careers.  

#4. Flower Naming Ceremony & Iron Designer Competition – Floriexpo’s two main attractions are making a comeback this year! Join us on Thursday, June 6th, to be a part of the festivities. We’ll kick off with the Flower Naming Ceremony, where we pay homage to a notable trailblazer in the floral industry. Following this tribute, don’t forget to catch the excitement of the Iron Designer Competition. Watch designers compete to craft a floral masterpiece using freshly cut flowers and theme-specific accessories. It’s a showcase of skill and creativity you won’t want to miss!

#5. Design Workshops at the Flower & Wine Bar – Introducing a fresh addition to Floriexpo – the Flower & Wine Bar! This innovative feature will host hands-on sessions led by exhibitors, aiming to ignite creativity and highlight products. The format of the sessions will be a sip-and-create style event, where we’ll supply the wine, and the sponsor will present an exciting design project for participants to enjoy. It’s a unique opportunity to blend inspiration with a touch of indulgence!

Floriexpo, June 5th-7th: B2B floral event with Floral Bootcamp, Flori After Dark, Empowerment Zone sessions, Flower Naming Ceremony, Iron Designer Competition, and the new Flower & Wine Bar. Join the floral celebration!

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