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Floriexpo Spotlight: Monument Wraps makes sustainability a reality for the floral industry

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Monument Wraps was founded to provide its clients with environmentally conscious products that maintain the same quality they’ve come to expect from more traditional options. Their history with innovation in specialty paper solutions has allowed them to develop a product that could make sustainability a reality for the floral industry in a whole new way.

At Floriexpo 2024, the team showcased their new Paper FloraSleeve, which was designed to replace single-use plastic flower sleeves in a water resistant and cost-friendly way. It’s a product that reflects their commitment to adapting to the evolving needs of the industries they support, as the technology breakthrough they achieved with the wrap enables it to maintain its integrity even after being soaked through. At the Floriexpo booth, a displayed wrap showcased this durability by withstanding being soaked in water throughout the event.

“Because there’s no coating, the wrap can stay with the flowers through the end of us,” said Steven Yu from Monument Wraps. “In many states, the flowers and wraps need to get separated, which is why this product is so much more eco-friendly than the traditional alternatives.”

To learn more about Monument Wraps, visit their site.

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