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DAISY AI Powered Plant Care Assistant

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DAISY AI Powered Plant Care Assistant


Bayview Flowers

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Bayview Flowers is proud to introduce DAISY™, an AI powered plant care assistant integrated within the LIVING HOUSE website (livinghouse.ca). Customers are now able to submit their plant care questions to DAISY via a chat feature and receive instant support tailored to their needs. Some of the benefits of DAISY include:

1. On demand, customized plant care support – DAISY™ is able to understand and respond immediately to plant care questions using AI systems designed to model human language.
2. Reliable and safe plant care information – DAISY was created using a closed LLM (large language model) environment. Unlike Open-source LLMs, all content is developed and maintained by Bayview Flowers and vetted for accuracy. This helps ensure users are receiving the best possible plant care.
3. Flexible customer support – Users can request and seamlessly connect with a representative from Bayview Flowers to help answer their plant care questions. This is especially helpful in situations where:
– DAISY is unable to provide a response the customer is satisfied with.
– A customer prefers or feels more comfortable dealing with a live agent.

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