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The Sights and Sounds of the 2021 International Floriculture Expo (IFE)

Much like the rest of the world, the floral industry experienced unprecedented disruption in 2020. Increases in demand have affected the floral supply chain in unexpected ways, leading to disruption for supermarkets, chain stores, wholesale florist distributors, online retailers and more. At this year’s live International Floriculture Expo (IFE) event that took place in Miami […]

IFE Floral Connections – Melody Farms Specializes in Selling to Supermarkets

Melody Farms specializes in growing Chrysanthemums (Cushion/Daisy/Novelty,Disbuds, Spiders), Gerberas, Hydrangeas and Mini-Hydrangeas. They have some of the industry´s highest standards in regards to irrigation, product and variety selection. In addition, they have their own Bouquet and Arrangement Programs. At IFE 2021, we caught up with David Bustamante Velez from the Melody Farms team to talk […]

IFE Floral Connections – Prime Flowers Supports the Reinvention of the Floral Industry

Since 2011, Prime Flowers has been dedicated to the production and marketing of the most beautiful flowers, grown with the highest standards of quality and efficiency, providing their clients with a broad portfolio of ornamental plants. Their logistics are totally reliable thanks to the partnerships they formed with specialists across the globe. They guarantee deliveries […]

IFE Floral Connections – Silver Vase Showcases the Orchid Twister

Silver Vase is known as one of the most innovative potted plant growers in North America, revolutionizing the industry through many distribution and packaging changes. Today their fully robotic and environmentally-friendly greenhouse operation produces more than 2 million units from nearly 1 million square feet of climate-controlled facilities. Silver Vase operates its own distribution network […]

An Interview with 2021 Iron Designer Compeitition Winner Steven Santos

Iron Designer is the biggest and most energetic event at IFE. The competitors are challenged to create a design they best feel represents the theme with only the supplies provided and this year’s newly named flower. Adding to the excitement of the event, competitors are given only 20 minutes to complete their masterpiece. This year’s […]

IFE Floral Connections – Botany Lane Supports Indoor Plant Retail Needs

Botany Lane is a large wholesale production center growing and offering a range of high-quality plants from liners to finished and retail-ready sizes. This includes foliage, flowering tropicals, and succulents & cacti, amongst many other potted products. They sell to their local market, around CO, as well as growers and retailers all over the United […]

IFE Floral Connections – Step Intro the Future with Jet Fresh

Jet Fresh Flower Distributors® is a one-stop shop for wholesale flower needs. They are a family-owned and operated importer, distributor and grower supplying an unparalleled range of fresh-cut flowers, greenery and preserved flowers for the flower industry. At IFE 2021, we caught up with Celene Bray from the Jet Fresh team to talk about the […]

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