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4 Questions About Floral: Vibrant colors and sustainability inquiries define 2023 floral trends

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Sun Valley Floral Farms offers premium fresh-cut flowers with distribution nationwide. Their core crops are bulb crops specializing in tulips, lilies and iris but they grow a wide assortment of other varieties throughout the year.

Cindy Scott is the E-Commerce Manager at Sun Valley Floral Farms. She works with growers to understand the trends in the market and then bring those innovations to buyers in a way that makes sense for the consumer. We caught up with her to explore the logistical challenges she’s helping customers sort through, what’s top of mind for consumers when making a floral purchase 2023 and much more.

Floriexpo: What are some of the top buying trends that you’ve seen resonate this year?

Cindy Scott: We are seeing tastes shift toward vibrant colors with less interest in muted designs. Think: bright, cheery tulips! Eucalyptus has gone mainstream. We are selling it by the bushel! People are also still asking the origin of their flowers and the environmental impact of their purchase.

As American Flower Farms, we support jobs in America and help keep our economy humming.

How do you think that combination could evolve or impact bigger trends that we might see next year?

We expect demand for Farm Fresh, unmanicured looks using Butterfly Ranunculus and unique tulips.

Are there any specific challenges that you’ve helped your buyers sort through this year in a way that is different or new than in previous years?

Transportation has created some headaches. However, we are helping our customers get the best deal out of California since we are all feeling the pinch. Our expert logistics team is helping our customers every day to get the freshest, highest quality flowers to market.

What’s one thing you’re excited to showcase or discuss with attendees at Floriexpo this year?

Sun Valley represents “The Best Bloom for your Buck” in the industry. Our quality actually makes our customers and consumers dollars go farther.

You can learn more about Sun Valley Floral Farms on their website or directly connect with their team at this year’s Floriexpo event, taking place May 31st-June 2nd in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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