June 4-6, 2025 • Broward County Convention Center • Fort Lauderdale, FL

Floral Bootcamp – Education, Collaboration & Networking

— North America's Largest B2B Floral Show —

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The Floral Bootcamp is a brand-new special education event at Floriexpo, held in the Intercoastal Ballroom at the scenic Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina right alongside the Intracoastal Waterway. Eight 30-minute sessions and a 75-minute lunch keynote round out the day with more than 10 seasoned professionals of the industry leading the discussions. Each session is designed to engage and excite attendees as we explore lessons in design, the importance of merchandising, developing & executing marketing campaigns, social media in the business world, and so much more.

Floriexpo offers the element of intimate networking sessions, which kicks off with the Floral Bootcamp where you’ll connect with like-minded individuals and unleash your creativity. Seizing this opportunity for intimate networking in an educational setting will help foster your connections with industry peers and experts that will last far beyond your exit from Floriexpo.

We’ll conclude the day at 3:00 PM, allowing attendees to celebrate their achievements with a certificate of attendance for completing the day’s challenges at Floral Bootcamp. You’ll then have time to unwind and relax before the Golden Hour Welcome Party begins at 5:30 PM. By this time, you’ll already have established numerous connections from the Bootcamp, setting the stage for the final networking event of the day.  


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