June 4-6, 2025 • Broward County Convention Center • Fort Lauderdale, FL

From Seed to Sale: Supply Chain Insights from Breeders, Growers & Retailers

— North America's Largest B2B Floral Show —

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Join us Thursday morning for a discussion that will bring together experts from every segment of the floral industry, including breeders, growers, and retailers, to share their valuable insights and experiences. As we make our way through this discussion, we’ll gain a deeper understanding of the latest advancements in breeding techniques while tackling questions like what does it mean to balance breeding breakthroughs with market realities? As well as the logistical challenges with transporting these goods around the world and ensuring their safe delivery.

Our esteemed panelists Lee Fanning, National Category Manager at Sobeys, Andrew Simko, Operations at Sunshine Bouquet Company, and Ana Ramirez, Marketing & Key Account Manager at Danziger will take the lead as we explore market trends, consumer preferences and economic factors influencing the floral supply chain and how by enhancing our collaboration and collaboration from the greenhouse to the consumer we can ensure an optimal product for retailers to present. Whether you are a veteran or new to the industry, this session will provide obtainable strategies to advance your operations and meet the demands of today’s floral market.

Network with industry leaders, gain a comprehensive view of the floral supply chain, and enhance your knowledge from seed to sale.


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