June 4-6, 2025 • Broward County Convention Center • Fort Lauderdale, FL

Floriexpo Spotlight: John Benzick, GoGo Flower

— North America's Largest B2B Floral Show —

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Flower Water TO GO is a simple solution that keeps flowers fresh and lively. Created by John Benzick after buying flowers on the go and knowing there had to be a better way of keeping them fresh than sticking them in a vase with water, the product provides flowers the hydration they need during transit.

The GoGo Flower team was at Floriexpo for the first time in 2022, providing them with a unique perspective around the issues that mass-market floral buyers came to see addressed.  

“People here are really looking for two things,” Benzick said at Floriexpo. The first is direct-to-consumer solutions that get products over to them. Given the limited shelf life, what does it look like to get a product to a consumer that much quicker? Secondly, what they’re looking for is something novel. They want something different that gives them the opportunity to stand out and build their brand. Both of those things are here and it’s been great to help everyone explore their options.”  

Learn more about GoGo Flower on their website: https://www.gogoflower.co/

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