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Bow Genie to the Rescue

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Bow Genie Inc


Bow Genie to the Rescue

We at Bow Genie have put much though into helping the industry recover.
We came up with this though :

We are still taking orders but will consider extending lead time to acomódate for any sick employees.

All our employees are home with pay until April 30th and our production has also moved to our bowmaker’s homes. We are showing good progress on all orders and our employees are distancing.

Bow Genie will continue to take 50% up front on orders but will change from net 30 to net 180 on most cases.

These are uncertain times now but money in the future is a good thing.

We at Bow Genie encourage others in the industry to invest in the future by extending financing in every aspect possible.

Together we can overcome the challenges of this terrible pandemic.

The sun will shine upon the flowers once again.

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