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Sponsored Donations to Front-Line Workers

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CosMic Plants Inc.


Sponsored Donations to Front-Line Workers

Throughout the last 2 weeks, CosMic Plants has partnered with several businesses located in southern Ontario to donate orchids to our front-line workers. We have promoted this campaign by posting on our social media outlets using the hashtags #flowers4heroes #flowerboostchallenge and #canadianflowerboostchallenge
We will continue to make these sponsored donations to local institutions and companies with frontline workers in need of a little colour and encouragement. However, we will pause posting on our social media. We hope that other companies will pick up where we left off by finding ways to encourage their local front-line workers in any safe way possible and by sharing their efforts on social media. We have seen the appreciation for these gestures first hand and have received many messages of gratitude. It is our hope that support for our frontline workers spreads nation-wide and continues for as long as necessary. SPREAD POSITIVITY NOT COVID-19!

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