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Floriexpo Spotlight: Farm Fresh Flower’s European bouquets win over younger buyers

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Farm Fresh Flowers has been selling roses and other fresh cut products to the U.S. wholesalers for more than 15 years, but is now also selling to the mass market. Their fresh flowers are grown on a sprawling farm that Farm Fresh Flowers owns in Colombia, enabling the team to support quality from cultivation to delivery.

At Floriexpo 2024, the Farm Fresh Flowers showcased numerous products, but their European-style bouquets were as popular as they were notable.

“The designs from Holland are really getting a lot of traction,” said Mark Frank at the Farm Fresh Flowers booth. “That’s being driven by a younger audience that really wants to see something new and different. As you can see with this display, it’s more playful than what you might traditionally see. Now it’s a matter of getting the supermarkets to embrace them, which will be doubly beneficial, because that will appeal to a younger demographic, but more traditional buyers will also see the allure of them.”

To learn more about Farm Fresh Flowers, visit their site.

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