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Question & Answer with Michael Schrader, Floral Manager of Schnucks Market

— North America's Largest B2B Floral Show —

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Tell us about your history in the floral category:

I am a Floral Industry lifer. I have always held a position in wholesale, retail, mass markets.

What do you look for in a vendor and in a product?

I look for supply partners or vendors who solve problems for us or help us better connect to our customer. Top partners help us anticipate the desires of our customers before they know they want it.

Have you ever had to balance price, sustainability, and responsible sourcing?

I make decisions based on what is the best for the customer, supply partner, and the company. Social responsibility and sustainability are part of the equation on pricing. Our financial plan, market conditions and other criteria are also part of the conversation.

How important are shows like IFE to your role?

Shows like IFE are important to unite and support this relatively small industry. It helps me network, provide insight, make decisions, etc with the floral division.

Where do you see the industry heading?

I see consumption increasing. Millennials are less materialistic and more about experiences and flowers add to the experience. Purchasing of permanent flowers and plants has decreased substantially over the past decade as consumers choose value fresh purchases. Potted orchids are a classic example. Real ones are less expensive than there artificial ones and have value in the eyes of the customer for their lasting powers.

How are millennials playing a role?

Millennials are all about electronic purchasing and e commerce. Our website business is off the charts.

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