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Blooming Careers: From Clerk to Merchant of the Year

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Episode 5

Blooming Careers: From Clerk to Merchant of the Year

Step into the vibrant world of floral merchandising with our special guest, Jennie Garbarek, Floral Merchandising Manager at SpartanNash. In this captivating episode, Jennie shares her incredible journey, revealing how the floral industry chose her back in 2007 when she responded to a newspaper ad for a clerk position at a Dutch flower bulb company. Join us as Jennie recounts her early days navigating the intricacies of logistics and supply chain management, gaining insights into the vendor community and the dynamics of working as a supplier. Hear the tale of her pivotal transition to becoming a floral buyer at a Midwest grocery store, where she honed her skills in buying, item setup, and explored the diverse array of floral products from around the globe. Discover Jennie’s passion for education as she pursued formal schooling, embodying the spirit of a lifelong learner eager to delve deeper into the fascinating world of floral design. Recently recognized as Spartan Nash’s prestigious Merchant of the Year, Jennie reflects on the national award bestowed upon her for outstanding sales performance and profit growth within the industry. Intrigued by the global nature of her work, Jennie shares stories of connecting with a diverse range of individuals, picking up her phone to engage in conversations about flowers with people from the far reaches of the world. Get ready for a blooming conversation that transcends borders and celebrates the dedication and passion that propels Jennie to the forefront of the floral industry. Tune in and let Jennie’s floral journey inspire you to embrace your own path, whether it’s petals or professions, in this episode of The Floral Talk Podcast.

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