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Showcasing Mental Fitness

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Episode 4

Showcasing Mental Fitness

An Interview with Karen Gifford, Key Buyer Keynote, Board-Certified Coach and Mentor

With 36 years of experience helping her clients grow and transition, Karen Gifford fully understands the concept of mental fitness and how impactful it can be for not only your career, but your personal life as well. All too often life’s challenges trigger us to respond with a negative mindset as opposed to a positive one and in doing so we often self-sabotage. At this year’s Floriexpo, Karen is set to explore the topic of mental fitness and how we can conquer our saboteurs during the Key Buyer Keynote, “Mental Fitness: The Sustainable Strategy for Growing Your Business, Improving Your Relationships, and Living Your Best Life”. In this episode of Floral Talk, we caught up with Karen to learn which companies and industries she’s been able to make an impact on by showcasing her knowledge in mental fitness, how working on your mental fitness will improve your relationships, and what we can expect to take away from her keynote this year at Floriexpo!

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