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Why Curate Is Coming Back To IFE And Why You Should Join Them

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Curate was a first time exhibitor last year who is coming back to IFE 2019 and wants to see you join them! We had a chance to ask a few questions with their founder, Ryan O’Neil, about why they’re exhibiting at IFE 2019.


What is Curate?

Curate is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform for multi-location floral companies with full-service floral departments.

Unlike estimating proposal prices, Curate maximizes profitability by allowing the local store to have accurate margins and allowing the corporate office to have complete visibility by managing procurement, reducing shrink, and providing quick and easy reports.


Why did Curate make the decision to come back to IFE?

IFE has done an incredible job at attracting key buyers and building natural ways to connect with them. We had a terrific time last year talking with leaders of floral organizations who are looking to transform the way they do business.  The suite of products that we are showcasing this year, including our new corporate dashboard and procurement tools, are specifically geared for category managers and VPs who want to see that growth. The primary reason we’re going this year is that we know IFE is helping us put our product in front of people who are fully invested in this industry and are looking to take it to the next level through innovative thinking. Last year, we were able to connect with Bradley Gaines, Business Director of Floral for banners such as United Supermarkets, Market Street, and Albertsons Market. He made mention of the impact we’ve had:

“Curate has been a game changer for our stores. I know exactly which stores have weddings over a given time frame and exactly what they order. Curate really helps us monitor expenses and maximize our bottom line.”

Beyond getting our product in front of key buyers, IFE proved to be an opportunity to learn about the nuances that exist within the floral industry that one may never consider. As we’ve received feedback from people we met at IFE, we’ve been able to do better research and development into finding better products.


What would you say to a potential exhibitor who has yet to make the decision to exhibit?

You need to go! There’s no better time than now to decide to exhibit at IFE. The fact that the vast majority of attendees having purchasing power and the intent to buy, coupled with the incredible networking opportunities, means that exhibitors are perfectly poised to see a solid return on investment. In fact, our ROI on IFE last year was better than any other marketing effort that we did. We’re quadrupling the size of our booth this year.

You can download more info about exhibiting here.

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