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Syndicate Sales Wins Innovation Battlefield


Syndicate Sales Wins Innovation Battlefield

Hundreds of new products were showcased at this year’s International Floriculture Expo but only six finalists were chosen to compete in the second-annual edition of Innovation Battlefield.

World Class Flowers, A-ROO Company, flAVATAR, Floralife, Betallic LLC and Syndicate Sales, Inc. battled it out at the second-annual Innovation Battlefield given just two minutes to discuss their innovative new products, which included glow-in-the-dark flowers, mailbox balloons, post-harvest technology and more.

There could be only one Innovation Battlefield Winner and the audience voted for the Plant Amp from Syndicate Sales, a portable multi-use glass amplifier that holds up to two succulents and a smartphone!  Learn more about all the competitors and their products here.


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