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4 Questions About Floral: Using balloons to create a “wow” on the retail floor

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As a national wholesale balloon distributor, E&R Sales cultivates unique opportunities for engagement in floral departments of all types and sizes. The company stocks top brands such as Anagram and Betallic for supermarkets nationwide. Their unique approach to sku rationalization and micro marketing by region are two of their main differentiators but the organization is dedicated to creating value on multiple levels.

Elissa Mast

As the CEO of E&R Sales, Elissa Mast and her team are laser-focused on both the planning and performance of successful balloon programs for supermarket floral programs. She is passionate about helping reduce the workload of category buyers also while driving their turns at retail.

We caught up with her to discuss the success she’s having with some of her balloon programs, how she’s helping customers work through the unique challenges of 2023 and more.

Floriexpo: What are some of the top buying trends that you’ve seen resonate this year?

Elissa Mast: We have seen consistent growth with our Iridescent and holographic balloon line. When merchandised together, they create a noticeable “WOW” on the retail floor which drives sales. And, they help differentiate supermarket floral departments from value channel rooftops. We are all about more “bang for the buck!”

How do you think that combination could evolve or impact bigger trends that we might see next year?

Despite inflation and tightening wallets, balloons will continue to offer a value buy for the average consumer. They may not be able to spend $25 on a fresh arrangement but they can leave the store with a $5-$10 balloon to brighten someone’s day by acknowledging a birthday or life cycle celebration.

Are there any specific challenges that you’ve helped your buyers sort through this year in a way that is different or new than in previous years?

Labor shortages are the number one issue impacting our retail partners, so we plan and execute our balloons programs with that in mind. Our programs and how we deliver them reduce labor efforts at retail.

What’s one thing you’re excited to showcase or discuss with attendees at Floriexpo this year?

I’m always excited to share our expertise on driving balloon impulse sales using our proven merchandising plans.  We’ll be introducing new promotions to drive everyday business and excite our retail partners.

You can learn more about E&R sales on their website or directly connect with their team at this year’s Floriexpo event, taking place May 31st-June 2nd in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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