June 5-7, 2024 • Broward County Convention Center • Fort Lauderdale, FL

Lunch Keynote: Design Lessons from Across the Globe

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Speaker Highlight: Mark Frank, Designer/Owner at Mark Frank Styling & Emma Coupe, Horticulture Trading Manager at Marks & Spencer.

Around the world, design serves as a collaborative force shaping community development across various industries, from manufacturing to architecture and beyond. From the sleek modernity of skyscrapers to the comfort of well-crafted chairs, and of course the aesthetic appeal of a floral arrangements, design seamlessly blends beauty with functionality to produce truly iconic products

While the universal nature of design is evident, certain regions have a profound relationship with design, seeing it as a fundamental aspect of their cultural identity. These regions bond aesthetics with logic, resulting in designs that resonate globally. Getting ahead of these design trends and being able to incorporate them here into our businesses and communities today is the topic that we are looking to tackle during our lunch keynote. Mark Frank, Owner of Mark Frank Styling based in the Netherlands, brings over two decades of industry experience and multifaceted design talent to this discussion, offering invaluable insights.

Mark Frank

Joining Mark onstage is Emma Coupe, Horticulture Trading Manager at Marks & Spencer. With a background in engineering, Emma brings a unique perspective, applying technical expertise to solve design challenges. Together, Mark and Emma will delve into the practical integration of global design trends, exploring how businesses and communities can unlock new avenues for growth and development.

Emma Coupe

Their keynote address aims to provide actionable strategies for incorporating emerging design trends from around the world, empowering audiences to harness the transformative power of design in their own endeavors. As we embrace the rich tapestry of global design influences, we open doors to innovation, creativity, and sustainable progress.


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