June 5- 7, 2024 • Broward County Convention Center • Fort Lauderdale, FL

TIMBER! I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up!

By: Cynthia Hanauer Yes, it’s easy to do. We get so busy sawing down the tree that we forget to stop and sharpen the saw.  With so much work and focus required to keep shelves stocked and product in the hands of our customers, the financial roots of the business can easily become necrotic and […]

The Prettiest Child – Beautiful Selling Ideas for a Successful Mother’s Day

By: Cynthia Hanauer As the old Chinese proverb goes, “There’s only one pretty child in the world, and every Mother has it.”  Fortunately, as we hop out of Easter, thousands of retailers will have a mother lode of magnificent products to sell. And with effective ordering, merchandising and salesmanship, they will each hold court as the […]

4 Questions About Floral: Bayview Flowers focused on new looks and designs to keep floral departments fresh

Established in 1948 and located in JordanStation, Ontario, Bayview Flowers specializesboth in growing and floral trading to providetheir customers with a variety of floralproducts. With over 500,000 sq ft of productionspace and temperature-controlled warehouses,Bayview Flowers has the ability to transportproducts all across North America. It’ssomething they’ve done in new and differentways of late. Developments over […]

Buyer’s Corner: Witnessing Creativity and Experiencing Something New for Floral Departments

Sobeys is the second largest grocery retailer in Canada and covers the nation from coast to coast, operating over 1,500 stores across Canada under a variety of banners. Their stores offer full-service meat and seafood departments, farm-fresh produce, in-store bakeries, prepared foods and florists. Those floral departments and services are the primary responsibility of Maria […]

4 Questions About Floral: What makes Kenyan roses distinct?

The exhibit floor of Floriexpo showcases anything a floral category buyer might need for their department from locations across the world. Those locations span multiple continents, with the Kenya Pavilion set to showcase some of the best products from Africa. Global Standards Resource Certification is supporting the Kenya Pavilion at Floriexpo this year, which will […]

Who’s Your Biggest Competitor? – It’s the supply chain

By Cindy Hanauer What have you done lately to improve your supply chain? It’s easy to think that our competitors look like us and act like us. But today, nothing is further from the truth! As our eyes gaze down the block assessing the new florist or supermarket in the neighborhood, a new supply chain […]

What’s in Store for the Store?

Building Sales with In-Store Technology That Will Change Results! By Cindy Hanauer Without a real connection to the consumer, nothing else we do in retail really matters, does it? Using technology to connect with consumers outside the store, and then re-connecting with them inside the store, are both critical to the success of our industry […]

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