<strong>Floriexpo announces expanded Advisory Board and Education Program for 2023 event</strong>

North America’s only business to business event exclusively designed for the floral industry moves to the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale May 31-June 2nd Registration for the 2023 event is currently open at www.floriexpo.com Fort Lauderdale, FL – 3.17.23– Floriexpo, the largest high-volume B2B floral exposition in North America on Thursday announced exciting […]

Connecting a World of Passionate People

Episode 1 Our podcast will be widely available soon on popular streaming platforms – but you can listen to the first episode here below! Connecting a World of Passionate People An interview with Pieter Landman, President of Blooming Vision BV With decades of experience in the floral industry, Pieter Landman knows what it means to […]

Connecting with Your Customers from Employee to Consumer!

By Cindy Hanauer If there’s one thing we’ve learned about the modern customer, it’s that their expectation of personalization is at its highest point ever.  Historically, pre-scan data and pre-social media, the only way to a customer’s heart was offering weekly deep discounts through a front-page, low-priced loss leader. Today, we’re in the age of […]

Treat Employees Like They Make a Difference ~ and they will

By Cindy Hanauer   There’s not a business in the world that can succeed without people. But the truth is that every organization will be faced with a broad spectrum of employee engagement – some employees are highly engaged with little encouragement, while other employees come to work with a chip already on their shoulder. […]

Words Are Free, But How You Use Them Can Cost You!

How to Prepare, Stand Out and Deliver Important Presentations: By Cindy Hanauer   Indeed, the mind is a wonderful thing! It starts working the day you were born, and never stops until you get up to speak in front of your CEO. What started out as a vision of a mic-drop moment at the end […]

4 Questions About Floral: Bringing nature indoors with The Plant Company

People across the nation share a love for houseplants but the understanding around what it means to cultivate this affection has been limited. The Plant Company is dedicated to changing that, as its mission is to reinvent the houseplant industry. Founded in 2019, the company recognized that retailers deserved innovative, high-quality houseplants that were easier […]

The Top 10 Floral Trends of 2023

You don’t have to look too far to find 2023 trends that everyone from florists to home decorators have outlined, all of which explore a variety of news, colors and styles that we might see this year. While some of this info is relevant to floral industry buyers and category mangers, many are a bit […]

Announcing the Floral Talk Podcast

Highlighting the individuals & attitudes that define the floral industry.  While topics like color trends and sustainability dominate the discussions that take place across the floral industry, it’s the people who are having these conversations that actually define this community. How are merchandizers approaching challenges that are unique to their team or organization? Do category managers see changes to buying patterns […]