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June 14-16 2021 | Miami Beach, FL

Floral Connect


September 15-18, 2020

IFE Floral Connect is an opportunity for floral buyers and exhibitors to connect in a virtual environment, complemented by a custom-built online education program.


Unlock access to our easy-to-use platform where you can build your company profile, create a detailed product catalog, and add team members for buyers to connect with.

Chat with buyers about products, pricing, booking schedules and more! All your team members will have access to the full buyer list and be able to connect with potential customs with the click of a button. 

Browse suggest buyer matches, search for the buyers you would like to meet, and set up meetings with  potential customers. The platform makes it easy to manage your schedule and see who your team members are meeting with. 

Participate in scheduled education sessions to chat with speakers and peers during the session or view education on-demand at your own leisure. 


Contact a member of the IFE sales team to talk about how your company can participate in IFE Floral Connect.

Harrison Hines

Event Manager


Beth Schultz

Account Executive 



What is IFE Floral Connect?

IFE Floral Connect is a full week of business matchmaking, networking and education powered by AI technology. The turnkey digital interface allows you to connect with the buyers and suppliers that are a fit for you via virtual meeting rooms, chat and more. Also, as part of Floral Connect we will be streaming our popular IFE Education program. Look for multiple curated sessions per day as well as fun streaming special events such as Iron Designer All Stars!

Do we get to select buyers we want to meet with?

Yes, based on your company profile appropriate matches will be suggested. However, you can also request meetings just by viewing the attendee list and finding a fit there.

Are firm appointments scheduled?

Yes, once a meeting is accepted the time will be blocked off on both you and your connection’s calendar.

What’s the timeline for materials?

Exhibitors will be able to access the Grip platform and update their profiles starting the first week of September. To gain access to the platform you must be signed up for the IFE 2021 and the contract must be signed and returned to your Sales Representative.

How long are the meetings and what is the format?

Meetings are 20 minutes long and will take place in a virtual meeting room via video stream.

Are there virtual booths?

IFE Floral Connect is NOT a virtual tradeshow and there are no virtual “booths” . Participating companies will set up a company profile with key information, products offered and industries served. 

When is the deadline to decide?

Participation in IFE Floral Connect is first come first served.  Send in your contract ASAP to be part of Floral Connect. The sooner you commit and update your profile, the sooner you can connect with buyers.

Are there sponsor opportunities within the matchmaking app?

Yes! We have an assortment of sponsor opportunities within the matchmaking app from banner ads to enhanced listings. Please contact your Sales Representative for more details.

Are there sponsor opportunities within IFE streaming education?

Yes! Align your brand with our best in class content by sponsoring an Education Session. We have 7 streaming sessions with sponsor opportunities for each. Contact your sales rep for more information.

This sounds great, what is the cost?

IFE Floral Connect is free to our 2020 Exhibitors who choose to roll their 2020 payment to 2021. Contact a member of the IFE Sales Team to get started today and to learn more about integrated sponsorship opportunities!


Complete Your Profile

Sept. 3- 7
On August 15, all registered representatives will get an email giving them access to the event platform.

Set Meeting Preferences

Sept 3-7
You will have the list of attending retailers. The 'Your Recommendations' list will be based on retailers who have indicated an interest in your brand.

Review Meetings

Sept. 7 - 11
Your meeting schedule is created by you reflective of your company and buyers' mutually desired meetings and stated availability. Review your schedule for any duplicate meetings or any unexpected scheduling conflicts.

Prepare for meetings

Sept. 12-14
At this point you should have a good handle on your meeting schedule and can focus on content preparation. Remember- You will be able to share your screen, so you're welcome to create presentations to share with buyers. Keep in mind that buyers may have back-to back meetings or a session that they want to attend. Please plan to stay within the allotted time.

IFE Floral Connect

Sept. 15-18
5 minutes before each scheduled meeting, a link will appear in 'Your Schedule' to enter the virtual meeting room.
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